Friday, July 15, 2011

30 Days of Joy

For a while I made some posts with the "brought me joy" tag, intending to do it regularly. Then I got uber busy and all mom-ed out, and sort of sucktastic about blogging in general. I'm working on it. And thus, I'm picking up Maggie's gauntlet and going to try and do something FUN every day for 30 days. Actually, I'm sure I do something fun every day, so the key will just be recognizing and remembering it in the haze of poop/puke/flying prunes that is my daily life. And then making it online to post about it.

So here we go Internets, FUN day 1:
Guilt free "gear up for a crazy day" power breakfast:

and as I imbibed the aforementioned high calorie goodness, I giggled over some websites I'd gotten behind on:
Damn You Auto Correct
Passive Aggressive Notes

I also used sucktastic above, which my spell check violently opposes, but I'm letting it ride. How fun is that?

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