Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Five Golden Rings

30 Days of Fun, #5:

Watching Big Love on HBOGO.com

I'm loving HBOGO.com right now - if you have an HBO subscription you log in with info from your provider (Comcast, Dish, Direct TV, etc.) and you can watch a whole host of amazing shows. Of course, there's my favorite - True Blood - episodes from season 4 are posted the day after they air, and episode 2 was posted even BEFORE it aired! There are a lot of movies and HBO original programming (I strongly recommend Hot Coffee, a documentary about the so-called "frivolous lawsuit" movement), and today in particular I'm enjoying:

The ENTIRE SERIES of Big Love is available! Now I'm finally piecing together the seasons I missed and making sense of it all. Well, in between cleaning up carrot puke and rice cereal :)

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