Thursday, September 02, 2010

We came, we saw, we got GaGa-ed

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Our seats were amazing. We could even see shoes (very important at a GaGa show!). The crowd was hilarious - same vibe as the mermaid parade, as far as glitter and lack of clothing, but somehow I'm even more impressed to see it in my own home town. Way to go, St. Paul. A few memorable fashions:

Light up headpieces = love.

Homage to "Telephone"

There was so much sparkle, shine, and glitter in the Xcel center, I'm guessing if you shone a strong light on it you could creatures on other planets. I ended up going a little more subdued, with a vintage-inspired polka dot dress, feather fascinator, and pearl accessories. I did choose the ugly but comfortable shoes, and I'm glad I did, a few times up and down those Xcel stairs and I would have been done for in heels.

I definitely got my fill in the VIP lounge:

Fun schwag bags filled with a beach towel and GaGa glasses:

Totally hated the opening band, so we'll skip them entirely - instead, a tiny peek at the Monster Ball in case you missed it:

I counted at least 15 costume changes, we got to hear the world premier of a new song from the upcoming album, lots of half naked backup dancers, an animatronic headpiece with matching wings, and the outfit I most covet (and Ryan could definitely start making...):

FULL BODY GLITTER JUMPSUIT. I bet it's made of something stretchy, and would totally adjust to maternity sizes. As long as I don't have to wear those heels with it. :)

I was a little worried about the babe during the opening act (someone tell this dude it's SINGING not SCREAMING! AAAACK!), but she didn't give me too much trouble:

Definitely a once in a lifetime experience, thanks again to my crazy Dad, Happy B-day to my BFF Ryan, and kudos to all the Little Monsters for the entertaining people watching. Peace, Love, and GaGa!

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