Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween is HAPPENING (finally!)

Huzzah! Finally, a productive day! I still went to bed at 9pm, but at least I had gotten a few things accomplished at that point! Without giving too much away yet, Halloween is finally unfolding and I'm feeling much more hopeful than last week:

1. I settled on a costume - it was my 35th different idea, and not the most creative, but with the time and budget crunch I've found myself in, decisions needed to be made - I settled for practical. I'm using a few pieces I already have, and ordered a maternity dress on Ebay for the base that I'll hopefully be able to wear a few more times over the holidays - that makes my $$ go a little further, and I don't have to find time to sew/build/glue anything together. Here's the dress (hope it fits!):

You'll just have to wonder about the rest of the ensemble for a while. :)

2. I finished the invitations! Major celebration! I'll be hand-delivering about half of them as I see people this week, and the rest should go in the mail tomorrow - be on the look out, they involve army of these little dudes:

They've been stuffed, sewed, and shipped off with the party details, but be careful when casting your voodoo spells, I can't be held liable for unstoppable curses :)

3. I contacted a Cajun caterer:

and started planning my menu. Not sure how much I'll be "outsourcing" this year, but I've never even tasted much creole food, let alone tried to cook it. Take out for the theme-related dishes just may be the safest option for all of us :) I also know there is no way I'll have the time/energy for the baking spree the past few years have brought, so this is my time management solution. Let's hope it's worth it!

These were three pretty major items to check off my list, and let's hope the momentum keeps up!


Brooke said...

Zatarain's jambalaya is really really easy and tasty. Of course, it's not really finger food...

Lilyayn said...

Okay, so I'm a little late in posting this...but I LOVED the invites! I got it (vs. Ben) I'm assuming because you once had to Google me in order to find my address when you were driving around my neighborhood trying to find my house. I think he was actually with me when I got the mail that day. I think he was a little worried when I took the "Pain" pin and quickly moved in into the read end of the doll...

then turned to him and smiled. :-)