Friday, September 24, 2010

Confession: Heather's life is often neither creative nor exciting...

This week marked my annual Costco pilgrimage to replenish our household stash of:

Not to mention a 5 pack of deodorant, 500 Ziploc bags...Super sexy, right? Not exactly the most fun shopping trip, and I'll admit in my hormonal state I cried a little when I got home and realized how much all this not-fun-old-fogey-necessity stuff set back my bank account, but at least I don't have to worry about paper products and the like until the babe is sleeping through the night (fingers crossed). And speaking of the little one, one new addition to the super-sized shopping spree:

Yeah, that's 900 baby wipes. I had a coupon. From what I hear, that might only last about a week, but at least it's a start. And the box weighs as much as a sack of potatoes.

And to round out the disappointing nature of my purchases, I threw in some giant underwear. Remember when new underwear made you kind of happy? That doesn't seem to happen during pregnancy. It's more like waving a white flag and giving up on something. But at least they're comfortable.

The one fun purchase I threw in the mix:

I had just discovered this raspberry lemonade when grabbing a drink at the gas station last week ($1.79 single serving) and since I'm still loving all things sour, I was overjoyed to find a 3 pack of full sized bottles for under $6! Score!

In addition to my disappointingly-grown-up shopping trip, I also got my flu shot this week (prego = high risk, working with high schoolers = even higher), organized and mailed off a bunch of bills, and we have a "childbirth preparation" class this weekend. Clearly, I've been much too responsible, and hope to spend the rest of the weekend on FUN and FRIVOLOUS projects, namely completing my Halloween invitations (so close!). I did get my first shipment of "supplies" for the Mardi Gras room, and would love to spend some craft time on my VooDoo shop.

Here's hoping you have fun weekend plans,


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