Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NOLA Costume Ideas: Shifters, Weres, and Wolves (True Blood + More)

Vampires and telepaths aren't the only supernatural creatures roaming around the Big Easy, so today let's take a look at some of their furry friends - werewolves, shapeshifters, and other were-animals.

While sources for images are cited, I haven't purchased from nor can I vouch for the validity of any of these sellers, photos are mainly for inspirational purposes.

Werewolves are arguably as hot as vampires these days, which means that the costume companies are jumping on the trend with some decent looking off-the-rack options - much easier than juggling a bunch of spirit gum and prosthetics:

$34.00 @ Target

$45.45 @

You'd still need some makeup skills with this next one I think, but it actually comes with all the pieces shown, including the pants (most the rest do not), and it's not a full mask, so it might be more comfortable/cooler:

$68 @ Summit Fashions

I'm not sure why they are all wearing flannel, but that would be easy enough to change - and a fun way to customize your look. How about a couple costume of a Saint's football player and cheerleader - during the full moon? Or a Mardi Gras reveler, chef, pop singer...the opportunities are endless.

Were Panther:
Crystal Norris of True Blood is one of these:

as are most of her in-bred hillbilly family members in the small town of "Hotshot", outside of Bon Temps. While a sleek and powerful predator seems as far as you could get from a meth-making band of misfits, somehow these are two sides of the same coin - and the panther side seems much more appealing.

Assemble it easily:


paired with something like:


Flocked panther mask, under $7, velour jogging suit $35 (used), a tail out of a scrap would be quick and easy to round out the look (you wouldn't even need to sew, consider fusible webbing and just iron it together).

Shape Shifter:

True Blood uses live animals for their weres & shape shifters when in their non-human form, but Halloween leaves a little more room for interpretation. Basically you could create a humanoid version of nearly any animal and I'd consider you right on theme this year. If you'd like to work towards specific characters, how about a Merlotte's black (busboy) shirt, dog collar with a "tommy" nametag, pit bull ears and a little face paint to become Tommy Mickens, Sam Merlotte's younger brother:

All of the party stores have packages of noses, ears, and tails that can transform you into a were cat, mouse, leopard, etc., and most are pretty economical. How about picking up a snout and curly tail to go as Daphne when she appeared to Tara as (BEST QUOTE EVER) the "big @$$ mutha f!@#ing Paul Bunyan Pig!"

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