Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Tantalizing" Weekend Plans

We picked a color for the nursery, and I'm *hoping* to paint this weekend.

Check out "tantalizing teal" - kind of a provocative name for an infant's room, but hubby thought all the lighter tones I picked out looked "like a hospital" and I'm terrified of going too dark and creating a cave. So we met somewhere in between, at a color that happens to perfectly match the happy little octopus guy that is all over our pirate-themed bedding (we're doing pirates & mermaids).

So now that the act of painting is actually getting close, I'm kind of scared.

I've never actually painted a room in my house before. I've only recently had "my house" and it's still kind of unreal that I can actually alter things to my liking. Even permanently. I sort of feel like I'm playing dress up in mother's high heels.

And I really hope I don't end up spilling a gallon of paint, falling off a ladder, or otherwise playing out the comedy of errors that seems much too possible right now...

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