Monday, May 03, 2010

Wait for it...

I've been too busy trying to comb through my ratted purple hair to get my photos uploaded from this weekend (seriously, that took a day and a half to repair - apparently my repeated back-combing and hairspray application felted my hair. oops).

I hope to get to them tonight so I can show you how my peanut butter rats and black mini cheesecakes turned out, and possibly my goth ensemble depending on how scary the photos are (I'm more worried about how I look in the corset/pencil skirt combination than the fact I was goth). The housewarming party was hilarious (I fully endorse theme parties of any sort), and in addition to scaring Krista's neighbors (and my own - who happened to be giving their parents a tour of their house when I strutted out to the car in my leather & chains), I stayed up much too late and ended up accomplishing next to nothing yesterday. That will make this week a bit of a hurried mess - as we are headed off on a mini vacation Thursday, whoo hoo!

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