Wednesday, May 19, 2010

NOLA Costume Ideas: Celebrities

We've now passed the halfway point with just 5.5 months until Halloween 2011 and our big Louisiana - themed party. While that still seems early to some, it inspires a bit of panic when I look at everything I hope to get done by then. Starting early is helpful both for completion time and budgetary reasons - more time to plan & shop = more room to shop sales, compare prices, and stumble upon great deals. Continuing my series of "ROMP IN THE SWAMP" costume ideas for your inspiration, I present to you:


It is always fun to go as recognizable pop culture or historical figures, and I recently found an excellent list of celebrities associated with New Orleans/Louisiana: HERE

The ones that really jump out at me as far as costume possibilities:

Britney Spears

So much crazy = so many options...


Delta Burke

I prefer her in the gaudy "Designing Women" era:

Ellen DeGeneres

Super bonus points if you bring Portia

Richard Simmons

Another celeb who makes parody almost too easy. I can loan you my bedazzler for your tiny shorts.

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