Friday, May 07, 2010

The Perfect Brownie

Have you seen this infomercial?

I was gifted two of these pans for my birthday the past couple years (thanks!), and I finally tried them out over Easter. They were really cool!

First off, they're actually "brownie pan" sized, which means you don't have to combine two mixes to fill one out like a normal cake pan. You assemble the pan, pour in the mix, and set the grate in place before you bake. That gave me the opportunity to add walnuts to some, and leave others plain - even in the same batch. When they first came out, I was worried it didn't look like the grate had stayed in:

But it did, and they came out perfectly! I tend to underbake my brownies just a touch so they are really moist, which makes them a disaster to cut, but these were both moist and perfect little pieces. My family definitely enjoyed them at Easter dinner!

"The Perfect Brownie" pan = high marks! I'll definitely use this again.

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