Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Home FROM the range...

Well, we survived our trip to Texas despite seeing a snake, several smooshed armadillos, a heard of long horns, a couple wood ticks, and various other elements of nature that I steadfastly try to avoid. We ate some good meals, spent a gorgeous evening at the ballpark, and toured the JFK museum at Dealey Plaza. And then I puked on the plane ride home. Hooray.

But in happier news, I'm in love with my new necklace from Etsy seller SimplyChacha:

Isn't he adorable? I've had it on my "favorites" list for a while and finally gave in, and I'm glad that I did.

You've probably also noticed my new logo, from Etsy seller Enchanted Memories:

I'm still working on updating the blog layout (the templates are limited and I've got no idea how to do it on my own) so bear with me as I bounce between styles and colors for a bit here - nothing I've tried meets my OCD standards yet, so I predict more changes to come.

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Alison said...

You puked on the plane? Did you get to actually use one of those bags in the seat pocket in front of you?