Friday, May 14, 2010


I am terribly behind in the mermaid parade planning department, despite having bought my pattern and roughed out my idea MONTHS ago, I've yet to get any further. For some reason my JoAnns coupons have stopped coming (and I refuse to pay full price), so that + a shrinking budget have forced me to put off buying fabric until now we're a mere month away - YIKES! I definitely need to come up with some sort of a plan (or plan to wear one of the TWO mermaid outfits I already have, I guess...), so that's one of the many things on my agenda for this weekend.

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Carin said...

maybe the JoAnn's coupons stopped because they opened the new store in Roseville (in the shopping center of evil).
I haven't been getting many either, but I do remember getting something that said I should bring one of the old coupons into the new store to have them enter me in their system there. BAH. I strongly dislike that shopping center and avoid going there.
also, roller derby has kept me from sewing lately.