Friday, November 12, 2010

This is the sound of my will being broken...

The computers have us in their evil grasps now, and just when we've become utterly complicit, they are clearly going to rise up and put a massive dent in our easy way of life.

I'm having somewhat of a bad tech time lately.

In addition to my laptop laying down and dying, yesterday my work was without Internet from 1pm on...WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITHOUT INTERNET??? I'm not just talking about all the blog updating/random site reading/emails I had planned to send personally, but even were I to want to throw in some work, I couldn't access our department files, my networked printer, our financial system, or anything else necessary to get something accomplished. I couldn't even make phone calls because my directory of numbers is solely online. And yet, I stuck it out for a very long 4 hours...

Today things are looking a LITTLE better, though my work computer still will not print. It's been sort of an ongoing problem for the past couple weeks, something got scrambled (just on my computer, the rest of the office is fine) and we have no computer support to fix it. This means I'm emailing everything I need to print from one computer to another (one which still DOES print) and let's just say it's not super convenient or productive. And I'm ornery from lack of sleep and general "doneness" with this week.

(Deep breath. Acknowledge it is Friday.)

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