Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Romp in the Swamp Louisiana Halloween Party - Gator Farm

This was the last room I decorated, and possibly the most frustrating due to a few mishaps, but in the end I think it came out really cute! It took me a while to come up with the idea, but once I did it all came together pretty quickly. I present the main bathroom: Georgie's Gator Shack!

I replaced the vanity lights with green halogen party bulbs, and wrapped a string of green rope lights around the medicine chest. It was fun to leave the door open and see green light pouring out.

I picked up the burlap at Menards in the garden department - a role was $10 and I used it all, just cut big chunks and draped the walls with it. I primarily used 3M hooks to hold it up, but when the temperature took a nosedive they stopped holding. It was mad frustrating, and I ended up just using green thumb tacks - which worked just fine and only left a few tiny holes.

The vines are from a dollar store, I just poked them through the burlap, and the inflatable gators were tied on with fishing line. The signs were just slapped together in power point - I downloaded a scribbled font from 1001 Free Fonts, and printed them on 11" x 17" paper - had to add a little humor :)

Baby Gators grew in the tub - literally :) These were those tiny animals that grow in water, I found them at Michael's for $1 each. I learned a lesson from my snakes last year and started these guys in a bucket of water a few days before, so they had time to grow much bigger by party day.

Our shower curtain already had green bamboo designs on it, sort of a swampy/bayou effect, especially with the green lights. I've had the gator heads for a few years - they're masks, or really hats, that I found at the Dollar Tree a while back and knew I'd use someday. I had one more sign I forgot to snap a photo of - it said "They think you taste like chicken too." :)

Other than wasting about $40 in 3M strips that didn't hold, the green halogen bulb I broke (immediately after hubby finished cleaning the bathroom top to bottom), and the fact that I'm hormonal and emotional so these two frustrations resulted in tears and moping, this was a pretty simple and effective room!

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