Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NOLA Costume Ideas: Vampire Hunters (Female)

WHAAT? TWO posts in a row? Might Heather be regaining control over her so-called creative life and actually accomplishing things again? Only if you count throwing up in various rainbow colors as an art project(tropical popsicles apparently contain a LOT of dye. Especially the blue ones. Also, Oreo ice cream sandwiches make everything look like the mean gray sky in a Harry Potter movie. In case you were wondering...)

Also, to quelle the fear on everyone's mind: yes, because I am irresponsible and have my priorities all askew, I am still hosting the annual Halloween Festival of Awesomeness. I assume a few things will change, and I'll probably make you all bring liquor (and maybe diapers), but the show will go on. Feel better? Good. Now get moving on those costumes!

So my original Halloween plan was to put together an ass-kicking vampire hunter costume, but since nobody wants to see a very pregnant woman fighting the undead (well, at least not in fishnets and spike heels) that plan has since been abandoned. Also, there is no chance of me squeezing into the leather pants and corset I had purchased in preparation (justified by planning to wear to both the Goth theme party AND Halloween...and maybe the GaGa concert), and somehow I can't justify buying another set in maternity sizing (though it is possibly, according to a quick google search of "leather maternity pants. Who knew?) But my loss is your gain, because now I give you all my blessing to come up with fabulous costumes for an army of angry vampire hunters, such as these great folks:

Let's start out setting the bar high, with some amazing self-styled slayers, like this steampunk version:


I went to high school with this girl, who rocks out amazing costumes for all occasions. No, seriously, she once ran a marathon dressed in a 1980's thong leotard over a full lycra body suit, ala Olivia Newton John. It was epic. And probably chaffed. If you're going to bare your midriff, it clearly doesn't hurt to have abs like hers either:

Vinyl isn't all that comfortable to wear, and can be quite noisy, so I don't know you'd be able to surprise any vampires in this outfit, but you'd definitely make a few jaws drop:


If you're not feeling quite so crafty, here's an "off the rack" version that's not too bad:
Spirit Halloween

There's always the "classic", Buffy. Here's what the official poster looked like for the original movie (let's not talk about the sadness that is the impending re-make):

If I were going the Buffy route, I'd probably go all camp - 80's cheerleader costume with lots of sharpened stakes. The Sarah Michelle Gellar Buffy was a little more serious, but still probably not that "recognizable" unless maybe you did a Sunnydale specific cheerleader costume? I'd just find a cheer outfit at Ragstock and iron on "sunnydale" letters, but if you want to be accurate, here's the best photo I could find on google:

Don't forget the gear:


There is a lot of room to customize your own vampire hunter costume:

- mix and match black, slightly sexy tops/pants/shorts/skirts/fishnets...take inspiration from goth, biker, roller derby, steam punk, dominatrix - whatever alter ego you'd like to "try on" for an evening.

- Then accessorize with all the vital "equipment" a hunter needs: stakes, crosses, holy water vials, garlic, silver bullets, swords, daggers...

- maybe carry your bronzed fangs as trophies and sport a few "battle scars" like bite marks and blood trails.

- Holsters, sheaths, and tool belts can carry all of your accessories.

- Don't forget some intimidating boots or deadly stilettos.

Overall this costume comes down to having a bad-ass-attitude. Your outfit doesn't have to be practical...just impressive :)

Happy hunting...

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