Thursday, July 15, 2010

More Martha Inspiration - On My Halloween List...

I love me some Martha. Mock her as you will, she turned crafting and dinner parties into a worldwide empire, and now has a whole staff of lucky dogs that get to sit and craft all day. I'd kiss her ankle monitor for that gig any day. And man, do they do some AMAZING Halloween things...

Particularly of interest to my "Romp in the Swamp" New Orleans theme party:

So many creepy creatures hang out in the swamp, these ribbon snakes would fit right in. Slightly on the adorable side, maybe, but I'm smitten.

I know you can buy bleeding candles, but here's a quick improvisation - perfect for a voodoo shop, am I right? I'm actually planning to re-purpose a bunch of old ugly tapers I found while clearing out for the big yard sale, so this might really work for me.

Rotten eggs and centipedes could be useful in a little black magic too, any good priestess would carry them in her shop...
 well as proof of her powers, like these shrunken heads! I really hope these work out for me (I'm not usually allowed to do crafts involving "carving," so don't tell my dad...)

And of course all of the hard to find curse ingredients need to be preserved and available for any patron in need, I love that these specimen jar candles also provide the first good use for cauliflower I've ever found. I also saved a bunch of random vases and glass items leftover from the yard sale to serve this function. More specimen ideas here.

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