Monday, July 19, 2010

My Baby Hates Karaoke how I will sum up the fact I spent Saturday night/Sunday morning in the ER fairly certain that I was dying. You don't need to know the details, but the end result was a surprise 2am ultrasound. Pregnant women love us some ultra sounds, and I'd been pouting for a while that we didn't get to see the little sack-o-love for another month and then some - so while the ER in the middle of the night wasn't an ideal time, it was definitely a nice little perk and a good ending to a crazy escapade. It might just have been the lack of sleep, or the hormones, but looking back the whole thing is really hilarious (knowing now that we are both okay). Case in point:

Dr: "We won't be able to tell you gender or anything, I just took this out of the trauma room, it's pretty old and we usually just use it to look at gunshot victims and stuff. But we'll be able to see if it's a baby."

(Uh, good? If???)

Dr: "Here's your baby! It has a head, and that's the heartbeat, and legs, and it has arms somewhere in there. Probably."


For some reason when I see this picture, I think of a chicken, or a Thanksgiving Turkey. But I swear on the screen it actually looked like a baby. They kept the "good photo" for my file. Jerks.

And the true sign I had lost all sanity:

Dr: "You can see the skull, and the teeth -"
Dr: "Uh, they're not out yet. They're in the gums. You can just see them here."
Me: "Oh. Okay. Whew."

I knew I should have never read those damn Twilight books. Thanks, "book club" for introducing me to the idea of sparkly vampire babies chewing their way out. At 2am it didn't seem nearly so far fetched...

And now I'm going back to sleep. I mean work...

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