Monday, January 06, 2014

I'll tell you where you can spring to...

I stopped into Target yesterday (along with the rest of the metro population) for some last minute supplies before the world officially froze in place for a while,  and I was greeted (after a bleary eyed walk from the farthest parking spot during which I feared loss of my eyelids) with a huge sign proclaiming "SPRING FORWARD." Around the corner I found bikinis, and learned that all long sleeve shirts, adult and child size, had been banished for the year. Thank you, California purchasing agents. It makes sense that not only would it be impossible to find boots, coats, or replacement mittens this time of year, but anything even remotely weather appropriate is out. Hope your kids kept track of their mittens and nobody ripped their scarf or outgrew their boots, let alone needed an upgrade for the outrageous conditions. It's spring now,  Target says so.

It's -20 degrees today in Minnesota,  up to -60 wind chill in some areas. Luckily TC  and I plan to be hermits and wait it out today, though we might have to brave the awfulness tomorrow for a meeting (which I am crossing my fingers gets cancelled).

My plan is to munch on party leftovers and maybe do some dishes.  Pray nothing freezes, give thanks again for the freedom to hibernate on days like this.


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