Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2013 in review

2013 is over! I could never have guessed all of the great things that would happen to us this year (especially after a few pretty tough years of losing loved ones and struggling in other ways), but I sure am grateful. It's been a wild ride, too fast at times, but looking back I truly appreciate where we are now, and a lot of what we were able to do and say along the way. Here are some highlights:

Bucket list accomplishments:
-donated my hair to locks of love

-officiated a legal same sex wedding (actually, a lot of them!)

-bought my first new car

-hosted a holiday cookie bake, gingerbread house decorating party, and family brunch (all holiday traditions I hope to carry on)

Other milestones:
-TC's 2nd Birthday - and the accompanying party that I actually made crafts for!

-First major home renovations (just in time for someone else to enjoy, of course)
-sold our first house
-bought our 2nd house - and immediately made it a home, unpacking in less than a month!

-participated in MonkeeSeeMonkeeDo's Holiday Helping Hands
-Found a better balance with my part time job - stepped back to assistant coaching at 2 new schools
-started The Cupcake in preschool 2 days a week
-potty training!
-threw a shower to welcome one of my best friend's new son

-had professional family photos taken (first time since T.C. was a newborn)
- played a LOT of dress up

-Revive my blog! I bought web-hosting, now I just have to figure out how to transfer it over to "fix" my domain name again - but I'm back at Blogger for at least a temporary fix :)
-Have family photos taken EVERY YEAR
-Be less upset/insecure about tantrums, messes, and all the other unsightly parts of life (possibly grow a thicker mommy skin for interacting with other parents)
-Let things around the house be imperfect, or less perfect, in favor of being with family and friends - fill this amazing house up with great memories
-Catch up on scrapbooks (a reoccurring theme with my resolutions...oops)
-Add more things to my bucket list than I check off (but keep checking them off too!)
-Find something I love to do and make it part of my life
-Do something with The Cupcake every day that is just for fun (and realize it in the moment)

Best wishes to all,

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