Thursday, January 09, 2014

3 happy thoughts on a random rushed afternoon

Happy moments of the day:

Impromptu dance party during breakfast.  TC can cut a rug! And I can flail wildly alongside her. Giggles ensued.  We were an hour later to daycare than our usual hour late.

Ran a bunch of overdue errands including returning helium tank to party store. Woman in front of me bought 4 gallons of confetti.  SO MANY TINY PIECES. My first thought was "I never want to clean that up." Second thought "...but I'd love to be invited to that party. "

Solo cheapskate lunch at Costco.  Mmmm, chicken bake. And in a life altering first, I returned a sweater AND BOUGHT NOTHING NEW. This might be a superpower. I'm tempted to go to Target just to test it.

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