Monday, January 06, 2014

Check (off the bucket list) - it's in the mail!

I'm excited to knock a bunch more fun things off my bucket list this year. There are a few that are potentially in the cards, though only one that is officially on the calendar. For Christmas we gifted my family with tickets to a charity ball (#21), so that will be exciting!

The next one I'm thinking of pursuing is #39 Join a  fun "of the month” club/subscription service. Yeah, you got me, it originally said "bouquet of the month club" but that's mostly because I didn't know these other subscription services existed, and anyways when I found out they did I immediately assumed it was on my bucket list, so close enough!

I've been reading reviews and lists of services, and I'm so excited! I'm completely jealous of the women who run the two sites below and apparently have hundreds of subscription boxes in their mail each month. I absolutely love to get mail. Love. The idea of getting surprises in the mail every month is extremely appealing - and remember, it's one of my resolutions to surround myself with happy things, so it's practically like homework, right?

Now I just have to decide what type/service to subscribe to. Jewelry, crafts, or kid stuff seem the most interesting so far. There used to be one that was about parties that would have been PERFECT, but appears to have gone away - anyone know anything about celebrate crates? Sadly I think they are no longer an option. For crafts I'm thinking maybe a cupcake baking one, or a kid friendly set of things I can do with TC that will give us a little structure and a nice  TV alternative. Beyond crafts I am wary of investing any more $$$ into much kid stuff - clearly this kid needs no more toys or clothes, so those kinds are out, but I do struggle for ways to fill our days beyond shopping and doing chores around the house, so one of the curriculum-esque boxes might not be bad. Or it might feel like another chore. I can't decide. Jewelry I would LOVE - especially statement necklaces, rings, and bracelets (even though I rarely dress up, I try to still wear a little sparkle every day.   Generally with my unbrushed hair). I'm hesitant because I don't have my ears pierced and don't want to "waste" money if I get a bunch of earrings, but it seems like some places I could specify. Similarly I don't wear much nail polish or makeup, but I'm not ruling it out. Might be time to give it a try. Bouquets are still an option as well, but with weather like we're having lately, I doubt even well wrapped flowers would be worthwhile...

Popsugar seems to have great reviews, but I'm not sure if I can dedicate $35 a month to such discretionary spending (I need to make sure the experience of getting surprises is exciting, but not feeling like a gamble). I'd love input from anybody who has done a subscription service before, there are SO MANY to choose from!

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