Thursday, June 21, 2012

Zombie Attire

Remember when I did the "Run for Your Lives" zombie 5k with my "book club" girls? Here's the skinny on our costumes. I was really excited to find these jerseys at Goodwill on $1.49 green tag day:

Well that was just the beginning, because after I contributed my shopping skills, Carin & Krista went to work with their crafty skills, and took it to the next level:

HELLO TEAM CHOMPS! How hilarious is this? Just a little fabric paint retouching, and a clever pun comes to life. And what do we "chomp?"

Martha/magician that she is, Carin made a home-made screen printing set up to brand all of the jerseys, and it turned out so cool!

Team Chomps, ready for lunch :)

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