Saturday, June 02, 2012

We came, we scared, we stuck to the seats...

Zom-being is messy folks. After hours of scrubbing off my transformation from today's Run For Your Lives Zombie 5K, I had to give it a break because I couldn't tell what was the paint and what was damage I was causing by exfoliating too many new layers of skin trying to scrape said paint off. I've still got latex scabbing in my hairline and what looks like a weird rash on my neck that I couldn't quite remove completely, but other than that (and a severe lack of sleep) I'm mostly unscathed. I am having phantom faux blood syndrome remembering the pain of karo syrup blood ripping all my arm hair off, but the blood was actually the easiest part to wash off! Unfortunately, getting up at 4am has taken it's toll, so I'll try to get a recap together soon, but not tonight!

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