Saturday, June 09, 2012

I'm on a Bus

Megabus, actually.

Going on hour 11 right now.
Two more to go.

The first leg of the trip was a bit sketchy, but this 2nd one is pretty mellow, and I got my own set of seats for now which is very nice. It means I can spread out and watch True Blood on my laptop, which is a little dicey due to all the nudity (which I notice much more when I'm watching it in public!) but definitely makes the time go faster. Megabus has free WiFi, but it was barely enough to check email, no Hulu or even Pandora so that was a little disappointing, so I'm glad I brought TB4 to catch up on before tomorrow's season 5 premier.

Fingers crossed that I can carve out the time to watch it!

So far Megabus has been tolerable, at least for the price. It would not be my preferred method of travel, but it was a quarter of the price of rail and around and eighth of airfare, so I couldn't expect perfection. I'm hearding 7 high schoolers to a speech/debate tournament, and cost was a big hurdle.

First segment of bus travel was pretty crowded which was a bummer, we were all forced to scatter amongst the remaining open seats and share with strangers. Boo. It was also ridiculously cold, which was unexpected. Then it was really hot for the first hour of this leg of the trip, I guess on the way home layers will be my friend.

Super gross reality of bus travel: the windows are full of strange hair/face grease, especially in the sun, from all the people sleeping against it. Gag gag gag.

Missing my baby, hoping I can enjoy the chance to sleep through the night and take a long bubble bath all by myself (so far I'm just anxious about it).

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