Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bachelorette Bingo Cards

I'm getting into the swing of my new stay-at-home life (I'm still not home very often though, strange) and recently I've actually done a few creative things again! As wedding season kicks off, so too does Bachelorette Party season, and my Etsy shop has been cranking out " DIRTY" Bingo games for Bachelorette parties all across the country! I first made these for my little sister's party and they were a big hit. I've had a lot of fun updating my designs and making a few changes, here are a couple of the sets I recently shipped out - first my original pink/black theme with gold necklaces:

And just last night I made this purple set with silver ribbon and silver star stickers to mark off the completed tasks, I LOVE how they turned out! I decided to go ahead and make another set right away that is ready to ship!

It's been really fun to do a little project each night lately, and with the help of SuperWhy and Sesame Street, it's worked out better than I thought and I'm beating my deadlines for shipping. I will be on hiatus for a while in mid-end of July though, so if you want to order, get it in ASAP!

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