Thursday, March 22, 2012

Looking forward to...

After the last post, I pretty much immediately signed up for the "Run for your life Zombie 5K." The zombie shifts were almost all sold out already, so we'll be getting up ridiculously early to trek out to the middle of nowhere for our zombie transformations, but hey - nobody said zombie apocalypse would be convenient. My friends are considering doing a theme for our undead outfits, but haven't settled on one yet. I love costume planning. :)

A few other things I'm looking forward to -

The "Just Between Friends" kid consignment sales start their spring run next week and there are a bunch of them around my area, so I'm excited for good deals. Just in time too, our early warm up + The Cupcake's hulk-like growth means I'm pretty sick of putting her in the same 3 pairs of pink pants and the small selection of currently fitting shirts that don't seem to match any of them. I'm trying to prep some stuff to sell as well, but it is SO MUCH WORK! If I can make enough back to cover what I sell, it will be worth it.

Summer trips! I'll be traveling for work a big ole' week WITHOUT TC, should be an adventure for all of us. I'm not going anywhere terribly exciting (Indianapolis) but I am still excited for the experience. And potentially sleeping through the night a few times :)

Summer activities! TC LOVES to be outside, and she'll sit in her stroller for hours if you keep her moving. Recently I splurged on one of these:

Kid LOVES it! She's particularly obsessed with the little cell phone toy strapped to the handlebars (teaching them to talk and drive already?!?!) and threw the FUNNIEST fit when I tried to take her off it the first time (it won't be funny the 50th time, but seriously, how is it not hilarious when a kid goes all soupy jell-o on you so you can't pick them up and even put them back on the toy they are mad you took them off of? And it's not like they learn that, it must be inborn. Babies are so ridiculous!)I love the sun shade, and while it's not as easy to push as the stroller (and not as much storage), it feels less weird to have her in that on the sidewalk or driveway where we turn circles for hours.

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