Saturday, March 31, 2012

A few more of my mega bargains...

I mentioned I went overboard at the JBF sale, so justifying my purchases helps me feel better about my moments of impulse overload. So I'm doing it again today. Here are a few more of my amazing deals I'm quite proud of:

A few of the things I google I can't really believe the prices on, but I'll let you decide. For example, I got this little Elmo Mailbox Shape Sorter for $2

On Amazon its listed at $24.99-$65!!! Um, no. Something weird there, probably because it's not made anymore. I'd guess it was in the $20 range new?

And this Fisher Price Story & Learning Chair, one of the reviews said they paid $40, but it is now listed at a bizarre $199! It's a little fancier than my version, I don't think we have the crayons, but it's close:

I paid $10. The sticker on the chair seat is really faded and doesn't look new, but everything works, and it's cute and has been entertaining so far. Mostly my little monkey wants to STAND on it, which is a battle, but it was well worth $10. Saved $30-190 I guess :)

Since you (or The Cupcake) never can have enough Elmo, I also got one of these:

Again, Amazon is weird, showing it as $35-99, but no matter - I paid 4.00 :)

And the final toy item I picked up - I had the marble version of this when I was little, and it's awesome, so when I saw this version for smaller kids (bigger ball size so they don't choke) I was immediately drawn to it. It was marked at $15, so I waivered and waffled for a long time, but finally picked it up and I did get a good deal:
Castle Marble Works from Discovery Toys, WITH ALL 3 ORIGINAL CHIME BALLS, $40 new. Saved $25. This is one I'm saving for a rainy day (though Grammy REALLY wants to play with it) so I haven't even showed TC yet.

So far I'm restraining myself, but the Coon Rapids Sale is in it's last day today, with most items (anything without a star on the label) going for 1/2 price. I'm doing pretty well on selling too, with about half of what I brought in gone already in the regular price sale days, and I set almost EVERYTHING else to go half off today!

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