Monday, March 05, 2012

It still ends with ZOMBIES!

I'm skipping the excuses and apologies because really? Nobody cares. I'm the only one who feels bad about not posting, and I'm over it. This is life now. Kids knock you down a few levels on Maslow's hierarchy, but maybe they're also the key to climbing. Oooh, deep, especially for someone who is half zombie.

The Cupcake is a toddler! Maybe not in age, but she definitely toddles. And runs. And climbs. And tries to jump off tall objects. It's been a challenge to try and get a photo the past few months as they're all a big blur. She acquiesced to a quick snap in her otter hat and fuzzy pink jacket the other day, gotta love those big blue eyes. She's very into books at the moment (YAY!) and we splurged on a big ebay lot of them this past week, and at the same time found a big stash of board books in the basement we were saving until she was old enough, so mega score. And just in time, as "Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb" might have been shoved down the garbage disposal if I didn't get some relief soon. Other favorite toys are that strange Kewpie doll in her hands (yes, that was mine as a child - though I have no memories of it), and the big awesome slide/tunnel/crawling structure that was TC's birthday gift (and sort of mine too). The other love of of our lives right now is this CD by Jewel, which is completely addicting and not nearly as annoying as all the other songs that we are surrounded by daily (the stuff her bouncer played almost drove me to an ice pick in the ear). Seriously, this disc is awesome, thank you so much Auntie Lorla :)

In other news: I have an epic cold, which TC had a week before me and I now have new appreciation for why the poor bugger was so unhappy. I'm on my 7th box of Puffs Plus (Grammy is on her 12th...) and still somehow making snot. Egads.

Oh, is that not what you wanted to hear? Because with how much I talk about poop every day now, snot barely registers on the ooky scale. It's glamor all the time. TC started sleeping through the night at a year, then 2 weeks later she stopped. It seemed to maybe coincide with our switch from formula to whole milk, so we went back to formula, then she was sick, and now she is better and has slept through the night 3 days in a row. Basically, we have no idea, we're just delirious and zombi-fied most of the time, so we're thankful when we get a good night and too confused to question when it's a rough one.

And speaking of zombie-fied:

Um, YES. Please. I have to think the only time I'd ever really run is if I were being chased by zombies, and even then chances are good I'd just give up and go brainless pretty quickly anyways. So not only is this an awesome race for athletically minded individuals, I think I may have to sign up as a zombie (shuffling zombie, not chasing zombie - you have options!) since I always seem to miss the "Zombie Prom" type events and have sadly never been turned into the living dead, despite my love of costumes and events. Sadly no ankle biting zombies allowed, but I'm looking into babysitting options already. Nothing says romance like a zombie date with the husband.

Coming soon (well, maybe):

-many musings on the future! (hint - more questions than answers!)
-exciting news and world events (at least for me it's exciting)
-must learn to watermark my photos now that Pinterest is co-opting them even more than google images

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beth salzl said...

So glad to hear your back. I always love hearing your voice. your style and writing prose is always a fun time