Friday, March 30, 2012

Bountiful Bargains (and some Bragging)

I'm a huge fan of the JBF consignment sales. It took a while, the first one I participated in was lackluster, but the Coon Rapids/Maple Grove sale has a HUGE following and I am hooked. Probably tooooooo hooked, as I went a bit overboard on clothes especially, but I couldn't resist the wonderful deals!

For example,
Nice big set of Fisher Price Peek-A-Boo Blocks, circus theme. I paid $5. Came home and wiped them down with disinfecting wipes, and they were good as new. The Cupcake is in LOVE with them, as she is very into examining tiny details lately. Compare to the current "alphabet" themed set, on Fisher-Price's website for $27

$22 savings!

2nd score: Fisher Price Elmo's World Guitar, complete with batteries (they require everything at the sale to have batteries and work, so you can try it all out).

We don't watch much TV, but I think this kid came out of the womb knowing and loving Elmo (and Dorothy). I paid $6, it's on Amazon right now for $37.99 and there's not even a scratch on it. Kid is in love. The sounds are mildly annoying for long periods of time, but when you hit the whammy bar Elmo says "WHAMMMMMMMMY!" and it cracks me up every time.

Saved $36 + batteries

I'm in love with Hanna Andersson, a Swedish kids brand that is way too expensive for me, but TC has gotten a few gifts from her Grandmother that got me hooked, and luckily lately I've been able to snag a few things at amazing deals, for example I got this quilted MERMAID jacket:

PLUS the matching capri pants AND a matching mermaid onesie for $15. Compare this to new to jackets from HA currently priced in the $48 range, Capri pants are $28, and printed onesies $22, a similar new outfit would be $98.

Whoa. $83 savings. And SO FREAKING ADORABLE, you knew I couldn't pass up that jacket...

If you're keeping track, that's $167 worth of goodies for $26, and everything looks nearly new. I AM A CHAMPION SHOPPER!

This is just a fraction of my booty (a very small fraction). I admit I went overboard, but so far the toys are all BIG hits (and I'm only breaking them out slowly, might keep a few in the wings for crabby days), and I have an entire summer wardrobe ready for TC's current (18mo) size and 24 months. It's mostly great brands I covet but could/would never fork out the money for new (Children's place stretchy pants are AMAZING, but I'm not paying $15-30 for kid pants, I don't even spend that for MY pants!).

The Coon Rapids JBF Sale
is still on today & tomorrow, with lots of good deals (go buy the rest of my stuff!). Grandparents get 25% off most items today, and everyone gets 1/2 off most stuff tomorrow. Details here. I'm also consigning, and that's a great way to stretch your dollars too - I've *almost* made enough in selling her old stuff to pay for the new stuff.

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