Saturday, October 27, 2012


This Halloween is a mega disappointment - the awesome party we attended last year isn't being held, I never found a replacement for an adult event that was not late, loud, & drunk, and to top it all off I'm sick. Boo, and not the good Halloween kind.

I had hoped that this year would be a banner year for celebrations, my first as a stay-at-home mom, meaning I could do some of the extra day events, but it just hasn't  worked out. Cold weather, family loss, and lack of funds haven't exactly helped. In years past I've blogged more in October than any other time of the year - costume ideas, decor, SOMETHING - but not this year. I'm off my game and I'm sad about it. Better luck next year I guess.

It's not a total loss, however, even feeling pretty awful I did drag my sorry self out on Thursday for Byerly's (a local grocery store) Boo Bash.

It was perfect! Indoors, low stress, FREE, and The Cupcake even tolerated her costume! She went as a butterfly ("bye", as she says it) and was - of course - adorable. She wasn't too keen on sitting still for a photo, but I got a few decent ones.

She already had the black leggings & socks. The polka dot bloomers, orange tutu, and black turtleneck were all Goodwill and less than $10 together. The wings were a splurge from the State Fair this summer - after using my 50% off coupon at Fairy Finery they were just $11, so the whole outfit was under $20! She had never before kept the wings on for more than 2 seconds, so my expectations were low, but quickly exceeded. In fact, she twisted and twirled and danced across the living room as soon as she was assembled, it was a hit.

The Boo Blast was perfect for us - TC's a little young yet to understand trick or treating, but she caught on to taking candy from each station, and she liked the attention of the costumed store workers and all the other kids.

We got there towards the end so we missed the photo booth (boo) but the lines were short and we were able to keep moving and keep Cupcake interested.

The only backup was at cookie decorating, so we just skipped it. I was shocked at how much candy she walked away with, I was just looking for an excuse to get her dressed up!

Afterwards we stopped for pizza, and let TC bust into some of the candy. She already could recognize the KitKat bars (coo-kie?) and she tried M&Ms for the first time.

She decided Daddy should eat the M&Ms.

I had hoped to do some more seasonal stuff today, but the cold is winning. I'm not wearing a zombie costume, but I could probably pass for one. This has been dragging on for weeks now, I'm ready to be healthy again! Hopefully I can still make the last few celebrations we have planned, fingers crossed for a Happy Halloween.

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