Sunday, September 09, 2012


Apparently I'm  on a bit of a roll as far as catching up on really old tasks - after yesterday's successful paint dump I continued the trend today by painting the random naked wall in our basement.

When we bought our house it had clearly been recently painted, like so recently that it was really just for show. They did a pretty nice job and I love the colors in most of the house, but a few of the shortcuts were kind of annoying.

Case in point - the previous owners left the IKEA entertainment center that also may have been purchased just for staging (it still had pricetags on, so who knows). Here's a blurry photo from when we were looking at the house (read: this is not our stuff):

Not long after we moved in we upgraded our TV and had to take off the top of the unit.

Which exposed an 8' wall of paneling that had not been painted.


I didn't take a proper "before" photo, but you can get the idea from these Halloween snapshots - the offending wall is that dark brown monstrosity behind the TV. All the rest of the paneling in the basement is painted the same color as the post/beam.
Yeah, the painter decided that since the wall was covered by A MOVABLE PIECE OF FURNITURE, it didn't need to be painted to match all the other paneling surrounding the basement.

Thanks dude.

Isn't that sort of like not painting behind a couch? Or a picture frame?Sure, it's covered NOW, but it's highly probable that at some point that furniture will move and you just screwed the future owners.

Oh, right, that's us. So after several years of twitching with OCD as I tried to watch TV and was consumed by that horrible mismatched wall, I decided to take advantage of the paint I had leftover from the new bar and just get it done. (I also finished up painting the bar while I was at it!) I EVEN USED PRIMER! That's a significant amount of effort for me. I slopped a few times, as usual, but considering how I've come to loathe painting, half of an 8' wall wasn't too painful.

And I feel much better.

Not to mention I think that was the first time we vacuumed behind the TV in...forever. Eew!

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