Sunday, October 28, 2012

Zoo Boo

We had a delightful time at ZooBoo 2012, and I'm feeling a little better about my lack of Halloween cheer now that we've gone out a few times to celebrate.
This is how we rock costumes Minnesota style - 2 pairs of pants, long sleeve shirt, sweater, winter coat, hat, wool socks, mittens - plus wings and a tutu, of course :)
Not everyone took this logical approach to the evening, however - I couldn't believe all the little girls in various princess/fairy costumes with bare legs or thin nylons. Very sad. I'm glad we decided to be comfortable.

She had to be pursuaded to wear the mittens, but she carried the cauldron all night without complaint! In fact, we had to pry it from her hands at the end.

This was one of the few costumes that caught my eye - simple, comfortable, and still cute - it's a squirrel!

My little monarch watching the seal swim ("fishy!" according to TC ). She caught on to the trick-or-treating earlier this time and started to raise her bucket at each one. Less candy at this event, but still a lot of stuff - yogurt, oatmeal, coloring books, a pencil, and a few unhealthy (read: good) items thrown in too.

This was as close as I got to wrangling The Cupcake for a photo - and the only proof I exist so far this Halloween.

At the end of the trick-or-treat stations Radio Disney had a little dance and TC was IN LOVE! She jumped and twirled and flung her candy all over (though never let go of the bucket). I think we'll have to take this little bug to a dance sometime soon.
Beautiful walk home through the fall leaves.

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