Friday, September 07, 2012

Painting the Town

Do you ever decide, out of the blue, to check something off your to-do list that has been tacked near the bottom for a really long time? Like, perhaps, since 2008? Apparently I do.

When we moved into our house it was all freshly painted and the former owners had left the rest of the paint stacked neatly on a shelf tucked in the far corner of the basement. I think they did it to be nice, but let's face it - the chances of using any of that paint before it dried up, separated, or otherwise became unusable were slim. Not to mention it wasn't enough to really repaint with, just a few touch ups, and I'm not motivated enough to do that. But, since it was out of sight, it was mostly out of my mind, or at least tucked away on the periphery until today when I finally decided that one of TC & my big adventures would be finding the county hazardous waste drop off.

I had a growing stack of burnt out CFL bulbs taking up space, a little button battery, and a set of broken blacklight bulbs from the Wicked Wonderland Halloween Party (the first set of bulbs I got were shattered when someone cut me off in traffic and I had to slam on my breaks, sending them into my dashboard. So I'm probably poisoned from breathing in the debris, but I'm such  a good citizen I sealed them up in a plastic bag until I could find a safe way to dispose of the shattered remains). And then of course the paint. Over a dozen cans, none of which were ones I bought. Some of the colors I could match to various places around the house, and others must have been even older - in particular a dark brown I have definitely never seen around the house.

The wonders of SuperWhy on PBS distracted TC long enough for me to haul it all upstairs, and we only drove past the  drop off site 3X before we found it - but we were the only ones there and lickety split, a task that had been lingering for 4 1/2 years was done.

Feels nice :)

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