Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fair Time 2012

It's State Fair time again in our corner of the world, and since we live close enough to walk, that means we also live close enough that trying to get nearly anywhere else is kind of a pain during these 12 days, so we just give in and make the fair our primary destination as many days as we can afford to. This morning was our 2nd day/3rd trip this season, and we're planning to go back tonight. While spending the $$ on food kind of kills me, The Cupcake is an avid people watcher and there is no better place. She loves the kids, the lights, the free balloons, and the various chocolate treats. Such as a chocolate creampuff:
I know some people hate dealing with strollers in crowds, and it's not the most fun to navigate around groups of lolligagers and random stoppers and other awful "drivers," but I love that we have cupholders and a huge basket to stash all our junk in - so we can bring with and use a lot of baby wipes, extra napkins, big camera, diaper bag, sippy cup, and whatever else makes our lives easier. Not to mention it keeps TC confined. I mean safe. :)  And speaking of TC, check how much she has grown from her first trip to the fair last year:

to this year:
We're only 1/3 into the fair, so there is lots more fun ahead. And it wears our little TC out, so that alone is worth all the tube tops, neck tattoos, and political bickering we have to endure. And the cream puffs aren't bad either.

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