Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Yes, this is more State Fair loot - a fun find from The International Bazaar, where there is a little stand each year that sells shiny whimsical stuffed animals and fantasy creatures. We have a few mermaids, a seahorse, and a crab, and the husband was really tempted by the dragons this year until I saw this big fella:
Ssssspectacular! And he's huge! I think he might be too heavy for The Cupcake to drag around much just yet (he's filled with birdseed or something) but I'm in love with the bright green shiny scales, fuzzy felt underbelly, and that little forked tongue. Could ths be the beginning of a baby Britney Spears costume? Toddlers & Tiaras, here we come!
TC seemed tickled to wrestle with him in her stroller, and she makes an adorable "hissing" noise, but through her nose instead of her mouth, which is hilarious.
Sssssssstate Fair Fun!

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