Friday, September 02, 2011

Material Girl

We went to a bridal shower last weekend, which was a perfect excuse to wear a party dress:

I <3 this outfit! And it was SUCH a steal - a few weeks ago I heard a rumor that Ella's organic baby food was on sale half price at Babies R Us, so I ventured in and stumbled on a gigantic clearance sale. All of their clothing on the clearance racks (which were all over the store, there must have been over 20 circular racks) was $5 or less. That meant we got this $29 dress for just $5!!!

She was in a great mood, but had no intentions of posing for me - she's ALWAYS on the move right now!

The leggings she already had, and the hair clip I bought for her newborn photos but never used - I was worried she'd rip it out, but she left it alone all day! (the other baby at the party tried to jack it several times, however).

We even had a matching bib and shrug to accessorize with later on!

Replace the necklace she is holding with a phone (the old corded style), change auntie Laura's lap to some shag carpet or a Lisa Frank comforter, and she's a child of the 80's just like myself:

I decided not to curl her bangs though :)

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