Thursday, September 01, 2011

Fair Time: Round II! DING!

The kid was in great spirits for her second day at the fair (yes, it's so good we go multiple times. Plus it helps to spread out the walking and overeating). The weather was GORGEOUS - cool, with a light breeze - and it was pretty uncrowded for the fair, we could actually get around okay most of the time even with the stroller.

Food the adults ate this time (less Cupcake-friendly fare, I'm afraid):
teriyaki chicken noodles
blackened Caribbean chicken
a couple of beers in the Bazaar, a milk, and a Sun Drop soda
wild rice cheeseburger
corn on the cob
Sweet Martha's cookies
free sample of sparkling cranberry juice

Stuff I bought:
(much more reserved this time!)

I only spent $6 on "stuff" this time, I couldn't resist these two little sea horses. When she's old enough TC has a few matching mermaid dolls from the same vendor. Maybe next year I'll get the octopus and sting ray :)

Stuff the kid did get to try:
strawberry shake
nitro ice cream sample
sweet corn ice cream
and then there was the chocolate cream puff, clearly the highlight of the evening:

I like to think she was in a state of perfect happiness with her first taste of the creamy chocolate filling:

Holy smokes, those eyes!

She liked it right away, and actually got fussy after a few bites when I stopped sharing!

Yes ma'am, more cream puff filling coming your way...and then the silly kicked in...

She was in QUITE a delightful mood!

She had a fit of the giggles!

I totally understand, chocolate cream puffs make ME happy too...

Then she slowly wound down...

And fell asleep soon after. Another fantastic evening at the fair!

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