Thursday, June 09, 2011

Romp in the Swamp Party Links - Halloween 2010

If you are looking for info, pics, tutorials, and inspiration for a Louisiana-themed party, here are all of the posts on my 2010 Halloween Extravaganza, "Romp in the Swamp." I've had the links in my sidebar as I worked on writing everything up, but now that we've moved on you can either click on the NOLA label, or one of the posts below:

Voo Doo Doll Invitations

Gator Farm (bathroom)
Talbot Strawberry Topping
Fangtasia (basement/bar)
Mardi Gras (living/dining room)
VooDoo Shop (nursery)
Using a "Scene Setter" (tutorial)

Recipes - Confetti Rice, Creole Mustard Dip, Swamp Juice Punch, & Crockpot Bananas Foster

Entertainment: Palmistry, Tarot, & Psychic Readings

Real Costumes:
Me & the Hubby (Mardi Gras Queen & Hillbilly)
Mardi Gras Themed Guest Costumes
Other Louisiana Themed Guest Costumes

Costume Idea Posts
General/Preliminary Ideas
Vampire Hunters (Female)
Ideas Using Black Contacts
NOLA Celebrities
BP Oil Spill
New Orleans Saints
Mardi Gras Ball
True Blood's Sookie Stackhouse
True Blood - Supporting Characters
HBO True Blood Costume Giveaway
Shifters, Weres, and Wolves
Fortune Tellers, VooDoo Priests/Priestesses, & VooDoo Dolls
Re-Purposing Graduation/Choir Robes
Hillbillies, Bayou Folk, and Swamp Creatures

Pre-Party Info Posts
Theme Announcement
Entertainment Announcement

Menu Previews:

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