Monday, May 30, 2011

State Fair Bridal Shower - SkyRide Garland

Does this look like a party? WHOOO HOOO!

For decorations at our State Fair Bridal Shower we chose do do a few fun items that would have a lot of impact for our theme and fill the space with the fun fairtime atmosphere - and what evokes the State Fair better than the SkyRide:

We translated the iconic ride into a bright fun garland that zig zagged the party space:

Framed the windows:

And hung from the chandelier:

Sadly, there is no Cricut cartridge that cuts SkyRides :) So instead, I created my own template by blowing up a picture of the skyride, tracing the major lines of the silhouette, and cutting the shape with an Xacto knife:

I used that template to cut SkyRide gondolas out of red, yellow, green, and blue cardstock:

My mom used wire Christmas ornament hangers to suspend the gondolas along an old telephone cord so they still had some movement but hung securely over our heads. Midway style tickets purchased from the local party store made up the rest of our hanging decor:

The stage was set! Next up, check back to see the FOOD!
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Tay's Mache said...

My husband is from Minnesota and in 2006 we both ventured back to his homestate from here in Kentucky to the State Fair. I had NO idea what a cheese curd was and would look at him like he was insane when he talked about them. However, on our way home, all I could talk about was how AWESOME those cheese curds were! :) We are planning another trip to MN next year for the fair. Gotta love the MN State Fair. It is AWESOME!