Tuesday, May 03, 2011


I mentioned this swing in my last post - it is a lifesaver. Or at least a sanity saver. When The Cupcake was born, she liked to be held. A lot. And she was the only child, the first grandchild, the newest kid on the block, so we liked to hold her to.

But she liked to be held ALL.THE.TIME. She wouldn't sleep otherwise, and when you are home all day with an infant there comes a time when you have to put them down so you can accomplish a few things (i.e. empty your bladder, hose off the puke, eat something more substantial than a granola bar). By the time she was about six weeks, I was getting pretty desperate. Then I ordered this:

It was a LOT of money for me, somewhere around $170 I think, but I put all of my faith (probably more than was healthy) into this swing. The swing just HAD to work. It was sold out at Target so I ordered it from Toys R Us (where it was slightly higher, but we had a small gift card to put towards it) and counted down the moments until it arrived. I immediately dumped out the package...and in my sleep deprived haze, there were 2 pieces I simply could NOT fit together.

And I cried.

At some point I pulled myself back together and called my dad, who came over to help the next day. About 4 seconds later, the swing was assembled and I popped TC right in.

She was immediately captured by the mirrored underside of the mobile. Yes, our little Cupcake is a bit vain, she adores looking at herself in the mirror. Score 1 for the Snugabunny. She also likes to hear how pretty she is, so I'm sure we're building a monster, but we'll address that another time.

Part of the reason I chose this swing was that it could be plugged into the wall instead of burning through batteries, so we plugged it in, held our breath, and within moments:

and then I cried again, but they were happy tears. Relieved tears. Hope for a future when I could possibly take a pee break tears.

She doesn't ALWAYS fall asleep in there, but she still does pretty often. This is just last week:

And Easter morning:

The music is actually not at all annoying, possibly even soothing, and there are several settings and a volume control. The mirrored underside of the mobile is genius. Now that she's starting to bend and twist on her own we've had to start buckling her in so she doesn't heave herself out, but she still manages to fall asleep in there a fair amount of time. I only wish we had sprung for it sooner, it was worth every penny.

Honestly, just that first nap NOT in my arms was probably worth a lot more than $170 :)

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