Thursday, December 02, 2010

Romp in the Swamp Louisiana Halloween Party - Other NOLA Folk (Guest Costumes)

I've mentioned before how awesome my guests are each year with their costume creativity, and this year was no exception. I especially love it when people coordinate their costumes to the party theme (suggested, but not required - as long as they have SOME sort of costume I'm happy) and each of these folks all found a great way to play on the Louisiana idea:

Ignatius J. Reilly:

As an English major I probably lose major points for this, but I'll admit I didn't get it at first. Luckily Grant is a good sport and gave us the background - he's a character from this book, set in 1960's NOLA:

Bekah & Ben as a voodoo priestess & voodoo doll (he looks just like the little ones I made for the invites!):

Brian & Leslie - she's also created a voodoo doll costume, but totally different! How creepy is her stitched mouth? And Brian is a character from H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu story, also set in NOLA:

Brett Favre (AKA Rob) clearly has nothing to do with NOLA, but he showed up with one of Louisiana's most famous (infamous?) celebrities, Britney Spears:

I didn't see Brooke smoking, drinking, driving with her baby on her lap, or chomping gum during the party (she is a fellow mom-to-be like me though!), but she did get Britney's tank top & hair right on:

Amy was my sole True Blood character, can you believe it?!?! She made a spectacular Merlotte's waitress though :) And doesn't Sean just tear at your heart strings as a poor sea turtle caught up in the BP oil spill?

This handsome group blows me away every year as well, they totally rocked the theme. Molly & Travis are straight out of the swamp, she even had her own little (homemade!) voodoo doll in a basket, and Rachel & Pierre make gorgeous classic vampires:

Molly even upcycled their wigs into amazing dreads (but not as gross) - I kept wanting to touch them, it was like art!

And finally, we can't overlook SECOND TIME "Most Creative" costume winner Krista as "Simi Parthenopaeus", goth shopaholic demon (seriously - with wings & horns) daughter of Archeron in the trashy Dark Hunter paranormal romance series by Sherrilyn Kenyon:

Don't read the books? Totally missing out :) Besides, it's my party, so I'm the only one you have to impress to win costume prizes, and I was sure impressed with Krista's HANDMADE coffin backpack, and toddling around in those boots alone deserves a reward! She even drank out of a BBQ sauce container all night (The Simi likes to eat the bad guys...dipped in BBQ sauce).

Thanks again to all of my amazing guests, I LOVE seeing what you come up with each year!

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Brooke said...

Rob insists that Brett Favre is from the bayou and thus fits the theme, more or less. I felt it was a stretch :-)