Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Cha-Ching! Yard Sale Update

The yardsale went VERY WELL! I am shocked to write this, as generally my yard sale experience is TOO MUCH WORK and in the end NOT WORTH THE CRAZIES, but despite a very wet Saturday, I'm over the moon about this sale. Most of it is thanks to my SuperMom, the original craftastic creator, who talked to the nut jobs, hung up clothes, and sat in the rain for hours as people just kept coming.

We were definitely helped by the city-wide sales supposedly taking place a few blocks north, so I'll have to remember this timing in case I ever get enough junk to purge again - though for a while, at least, I'm happy to be done. Sunday was gorgeous and dry, so despite my aching knees and back, I was moved to haul everything back on the lawn and slash all prices in half - there were some ridiculously good deals and it showed - people kept coming even as we were packing up the remainders for Goodwill. Now hubby and I don't have to panhandle on our trip to New York! :) YAY!

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